Emailing (general)

Composing your email to a tattoo artist is an integral step in communicating with your tattoo artist. Whether you are simply asking a question for more information or interested in booking an appointment, it is vital to gather your thoughts in a professional and efficient manner. We receive many emails on a weekly basis, so the efficiency of your email is always greatly appreciated. Here are some tips in composing an email to an artist. (Ps: this is based on how I like to communicate with artist I've work with in the past and my personal experience.)

If you are looking to book an appointment, always include the following information:

  • Contact information - your email and phone number
  • Concept - please describe in detail. Are you looking for colour, b&g, linework, hand poke, machine, etc
  • Size - an approximate size in inches, please do not use objects to measure, eg: the size of an iphone
  • Placement - general location on the body, please be specific if you are looking for a specific location
  • Budget - If you have a budget, please let me know
  • Reference Images - please attach any photos you want me to use as inspiration. Personally I prefer if you don't use images of other tattoos done by other artists.
  • Availability - Let me know what times and days you are usually available. If you have an open schedule definitely say you are free whenever!

Again, be efficient with your thoughts and try your best to contain everything in ONE email. Also, please avoid vague questions such as: "Hi! I love your work. Are you free this weekend for a tattoo? Let me know." Emails such as these make me wonder: what kind of tattoo do you want? What size? What placement? What time are you free? Am I even the best artist to actualize your idea? We aren't able to answer your questions if we don't know what is going on.

Typically once you have sent off your email, you will receive an automatic response. Please read these responses as artists will specify the information they need from you, or ge neral answers to your questions. If your question is answered via the automatic response, likely you will not receive another email. In addition, please be patient with your artist when receiving a reply. Some artists reply the next day, some the next month, some never at all. If you are in need for an immediate response (for some reason), I would say wait at least one week before sending a follow up email. If you are in no rush, be patient and wait :)

My process (specific)

I have been getting a lot of inquires about how to book an appointment with me. I totally understand that this aspect can be incredibly irritating, especially when you know that I would be the perfect artist for you! That being said, my process is quite specific. First off, I prefer working with a small group of clients. I find that I can't focus when I have too many appointments a day, or when they are lined up for months. Because of this method, I am typically booked up since spots are so limited.

When selecting clients, 99% of it is based on concept and willingness to try something new. This could mean a unique placement idea, or an image that speaks to me. I also prioritize large scale pieces, as they require more time and dedication. This is one of the aspects I love about tattooing - investing so much love and effort into not only the tattoo but the client as well! Emailing me about a tattoo that will "only take 10 minutes of my time" is really off-putting for me, as I want to spend more time with you and the art I will be tattooing on you. I hope that makes sense.

In terms of designs I've already done, likely I will not repeat them (with exception if there are many changes). That concept was created for an individual and it seems wrong to just copy and paste it onto another. In addition, I find that I have a really restless mind and need to constantly change what I'm doing!

I open my books typically twice a year. Sometimes I offer only flash, sometimes custom, sometimes a combination of both. Once my bookings are open, please follow the link in my bio (on instagram). This link will lead you to a page with detailed instructions. Please stay tuned via Instagram for updates <3

Please note, as mentioned earlier, I do not take walk ins for tattoos or consultations.


At my private studio, and commonly at other shops around the world, deposits are always nonrefundable. They are generally required to secure an appointment slot with your tattoo artist. This is standard and should not be negotiable. Deposits are in place to secure an appointment, provide compensation to the artist if their clients is a no show, and generally to give us peace of mind. After the tattoo is completed, my deposits are taken off the final price of the tattoo. Again, this is my process and does not necessarily apply to all artists. The deposit amount is generally dependent on the cost of the tattoo.

Once your artist has confirmed the appointment date, they will likely ask you to send over a deposit (whether that is coming to the shop or sending money online). I would advise to do this as soon as possible. Sending your deposit immediately indicates that you are prepared and ready to get tattooed!

My deposits will cover a one time rescheduling policy. If you need to reschedule an additional time (two in total), you will have to put down a new deposit. This is quite standard but may differ from artist to artist.

Price and Design

I typically like to price by the piece and not by the hour. Price will be determined by a combination of style, size and level of detail. My minimum is 200+HST

Designs are always shown on the day of. If you would like edits, I'd be more than happy to make those on the spot!


Before getting a tattoo, make sure you eat before! Pack snacks and water just in case, even if its a small tattoo. Please do not put on any numbing cream beforehand, as this directly affects how the ink will be put into the skin. In addition, our studio has a no-shoes policy, so feel free to bring slippers or extra socks for ultimate comfort!

We prefer if you come alone to your appointment. But if you would like to bring one guest please let us know ahead of time. We will do our best to accommodate them, however - this is not a guarantee - please keep in mind our studio is a small intimate space.

Studio manners

Kindly remove your shoes before entering the studio, as I work in a no outdoor shoes environment. Alternatively you are more than welcomed to bring your own slippers or socks if you are more comfortable. Sometimes my clients bring their own slides and it makes me so happy!

In general, please make make yourself at home but also respectful of our working space, especially the tattooing area. Please do not touch anything in this area, as we are trying to keep this space as sanitary as possible. For example, please do no sit on our beds without a bed sheet on or lean against our work tables. If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to let us know. We would be more than happy to help out.

Cashing out

At our studio we take cash, credit or etransfer/PayPal. Tax must be applied to the final cost.


When budgeting for your future tattoo, consider the tip as part of the cost. As an artist, we give a good amount of our commission back to the studio, so tipping is greatly appreciated. There is no standard when it comes to tipping, but I believe anywhere from 15% to 35% is common. I would suggest: come to your appointment with a baseline percentage, and adjust up or down based on your experience with your artist.

It is also important to note that gifts should not given instead of a cash tip. Though gifts are widely appreciated, they should be treated separate to tipping.


When looking online, you will find a huge variety of aftercare instructions for a healing tattoo. I would advise to follow 1) your artist's specific instructions or 2) If you have healed several tattoos already, and have a preferred method, trust your own judgement. At the end of the day (and this is specific to those who have many tattoos) you probably know your skin best.

General rules for healing a tattoo:

- Keep dry and clean. Treat your tattoo as if it is an open wound. Do not submerge your tattoo in water, so no swimming, hot tubes, baths, etc. Showering is totally fine. Everything that touches your tattoo should be clean. Eg: your clothes, bedsheets, towels, etc. Be aware of what is touching your tattoo and use common sense.

- Do not scratch or pick off scabs. Your tattoo will go through a very itchy stage, especially if it drying out. You may develop some scabs pending on the style of tattoo you have received. Do not pull of these scabs as it can cause ink to be pulled out of the skin along with the scab. Leave it alone and your tattoo will be happy.

- Keep out of sun! This rule applies to fresh and old tattoos. For fresh tattoos please under no circumstance expose your tattoo to sun for long periods of time. This can greatly affect the healing of your tattoo. Cover it up with a long sleeve, pants or even wrap a little scarf around the area. For old tattoos, do your best to keep out of the sun, as it can fade quite easily. Or apply a generous amount of sunscreen (please no sunscreen on fresh tattoos)

- Do not pile on lotion/creams/etc. If you prefer or have given advice to moisturize your tattoo, please do so sparingly. A very thin layer, once a day should be more than enough for your tattoo. Use water based lotions or products specific to tattoo aftercare. Do NOT put on vaseline or any petroleum-based products.

- Avoid working out right after your session. Pushing your body by exercising can weaken your immune system and potentially affect the healing of your tattoo. Also sweating excessively can open your pores, increasing the chance of ink to seep out. Best to just avoid it!

-If you have any problems, contact your tattoo artist instead of looking online for answers. When it comes to aftercare, they should respond more immediately.

Touch ups

Personally I offer touch ups free of charge, though this may not be the case for all artist. If you are looking to book an appointment for a touch up, please contact me with the subject line: Touch up, and attach a photo of your tattoo. I'd be more than happy to fit you into my schedule.

Schedule Errors

Looking through hundreds of emails and booking clients is one of the hardest parts about this job. Personally I don't want an assistant, as I want to know who exactly I'll be working with. Sometimes I make errors, whether that's not putting your appointment through my google calendar, or perhaps even the wrong date! I kindly ask for your patience in times such as these. I will do my best to fit you back into my schedule, and thank you in advance.

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