Hello there. Thank you so much for your interest in my work while I'm in Hamburg 2019! Just a heads up, this is my only guest spot in Europe this year. I won't be able to visit any other countries in Europe for 2019 so please write to me if you are interested in booking an appointment slot! 

I will be taking appointments for July 3rd to 18th, and likely will not be working on the weekends. If a weekend appointment is the ONLY time you can come in, please let me know...I will try my best to make it work. If you are able to come in on a weekday, that would be ideal for my schedule. The submissions are not first come first serve so please take your time. 

A bit about myself:

Hi! I'm Jess ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I've been working as a Tattoo Artist for about 4 years now. I'm based in Toronto but travel often to work. If you have been following me for a while, you know I love to experiment with different styles and directions. I am VERY selective as I prefer working with a small group of clients, so I can give each project 110%. At the end of the day, tattoos take time, patience, and money. Please make sure this is a process you are dedicated to and decide if you are ready to take this journey.

I am looking for clients who are open minded, patient, dedicated to finishing projects, and willing to let me experiment. In return, I will provide a safe experience and a design which I've poured my heart and soul into. Each design is unique to each client, and will not be replicated. 

Breakdown of my Process:

1) Your request will be submitted to jesschenbooking@gmail.com, please wait at least a week and a half for my response. 

2) Once you have received my response, and have been given an appointment time, please send the deposit asap to confirm your appointment. Information about deposits will be given via email. All deposits are non-refundable. If you still have not received a response after one week, please follow up. (if you are unable to go through with the tattoo, and have received a response from me, let me know asap! It's totally okay.)

3) When your deposit is confirmed everything is set \ (•◡•) / Please let me know if you have any other questions. I always show my designs on the day of and if you need edits I can make them on the spot. A lot more information about what to do, before, during, and after our session, is available here: https://www.jessica-chen.com/about

4) Come get tattooed, please make sure you have eaten a decent meal before our appointment. Bring snacks and water. Please bring cash only.

General Pricing:

Once I have received your submission and would like to work with you, I will send over a rough estimate for pricing. My pricing is usually determined by size, style and placement. I do not charge by the hour. 

What is custom, what is flash?

Custom: Designed specifically for one client. Catered to their body and skin type. Will not be repeated. If client has preferences of plants/florals/animal types, the drawing is adjusted to those preferences. Design is showed on the day of the appointment. Edits can be made on the spot.

Flash: A large variety of Flash designs are presented on the day of the appointment. No edits can be made. 

Continue reading the following concept directions I am prioritizing in this round of bookings:

full body/back

all custom 

Minimal lines (example 1 and 2): Super fluid and simple line work of plants, florals or anything that is organic to fit the body. I can usually do this style in 1 full day session, but it really is dependent on the pain tolerance of my client. 

*I have now done a few full body pieces on the back side, but I would like to explore the sides or front more. Priority will be given to those who are interested in this idea. If you would like to do the backside, I will not be repeating pieces I've done in the past. Eg: I think I have done enough long leafy pieces like the one on Dahae. I'm open to doing different types of leaves, or florals. Also open to colour or black lines*

Abstract lines (example 3): Follows the curves of your body but does not represent something concrete.  Thick and thin lines, very painterly. Usually one full day session.

Others: If your specific idea does not fit within any of these categories, let me know what you are thinking. As long as it works with the natural curves of the body, and covers a large portion of your back or front side I'm open. If your idea requires two sessions, I can book off two consecutive days, please let me know if this is necessary. 

If you have other tattoos on your back, arms, or legs, please let me know if you are open to overlaps. I am of course open to working with all types of bodies. 

Example 1: Minimal lines of flowing plants/florals 

Example 2: Tattooed version of example 1 - Please note I will not replicate this piece. 

Example 3: Abstract lines 

black and grey shading


I would like to continue exploring my large black and grey work. I will also be prioritizing concepts which following under this category. Examples of black and grey work below (all healed):

brush painting style


For this style, I am trying my best to imitate the brushstrokes of a paintbrush. It's very textural, and feels just like a painting. This style has a minimum size, as the needle itself is quite large. I'm open to doing multiple colours or just one.

head, nipple, face, etc


I would also like to continue exploring unique placement ideas, such as the head, nipple, face etc. If you have anything in mind, even if it's a small piece, please write to me :)

master paintings


I am also open to tattooing master paintings of your choice. Some of my favourite masters to tattoo are matisse, chagall, picasso, van gogh, cezanne, derain, but I'm open to your requests! 

med/large loose hand poke

Intentionally very speckled due to the nature of hand poke. I'm also open to pairing/overlapping with machine lines or shading.  Must be palm size or larger.

bb tats

custom: hand poke + maybe

Despite their small size, these designs do take me a few hours sometimes, as they require a ton of precision and patience. I will be using machine and hand poke. Let me know what you are interested in getting tattooed. Some examples below.

Please note: I prefer tattooing these types of tattoos in very specific areas of the body, where the skin is especially tight and not exposed to the sun. I believe they will age best in these areas. Eg: definitely inner or lower arm,  sometimes upper ribs and sternum pending on body type.  

*I will not be tattooing small florals, as I have done too many of these types of tattoos already*

pitch your ideas


Even though I will be prioritizing those who want to book for the concepts above, I am definitely open to hearing your ideas. When filling out the "concept" portion of your submission, please be as descriptive as possible (but also please don't send me powerpoint presentations haha).

As you probably know, I do prefer working on a larger scale or ideas that take more time to execute. I prefer not to tattoo for an hour, barely get to know my client and probably never see them again. If this is the process you are looking for (quick in and out) then I would not recommend me as your tattoo artist.

Tattoos I will not be booking (because I have done too many of them already):

- Small florals, single stemmed or sprinkled (black and grey or coloured) - with exception to unique placements, previously mentioned

- Any repeats of tattoos I've already done

- tattoos done by other tattoo artists 


If you would like to submit your request to my booking, please send me an email to jesschenbooking@gmail.com with the following information (please keep it as straightforward as possible):

Email Subject Line: Hamburg 2019


Tell me about yourself (if you want!):

Phone Number:

Your location (Hamburg or elsewhere):

Concept(please describe. If you are open to more than one idea, please rank in priority):


Skin Tone: (I love working with a variety of skin tones in b&g and colour)

Size: (rough estimate):

Budget: (if you have one):

Available days for appointments (please note again I am only working July 3rd - 18th, weekdays only):

Photo of the area you want to get tattooed: (this is very important as I need to see the area I'm working on. please get a friend to take this photo for me):

Reference photos:(please do NOT attach images of tattoos that other artists have created): 

All submissions to the wrong email address or without the information above will not be considered. Please double check everything before submitting. This process is not first come first serve so take your time :)

*    *    *

Thank you for taking the time to read through my submission page. I will be keeping my bookings open for a few days so please take your time. I really appreciate all the love and support and I hope to work with you soon.

(◕‿◕✿) jess

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